JWW External Change: Change the number of digits in the dimension display in AutoHotkey

JWW dimension display change

JWW is a great CAD that you can use for free. There is a function called "external deformation" in its function, and you can add JWW functions in a script.


JWC_TEMP. If you change only part of the TXT and return it, double

JWC_TEMP.txt change the dimension value of the shape back, the shape will double.

Change dimension values only

Try changing 49.1 back to 49.15.

Shaped only for dimension numbers (characters)

_tpModify() ;tp=temp
	FileDelete, TEMP.txt
	i := 0
	Loop,Read,JWC_TEMP.txt, TEMP.txt
		IfInString, A_LoopReadLine, cs ;% do not enclose
			FileAppend, %A_LoopReadLine%'n ; Add Line

Extract only those that have "cs" in the line

StringSplit, abc,  A_LoopReadLine, "

divide a lin
e by ""abc0 = divi
ded number abc1~= split

Ab[0]c0, ab
c1, abc2, abc3…….. The form of


How do I delete it by external change?

The previous dimension value remains, how do you erase the previous value??

Number Double